The Curious Case of Documenting Gansey Patterns

For this week’s blog, we look at some historical challenges that might affect our ability to document gansey patterns and knitting traditions in the present day. Introduction In 1955, Gladys Thompson published Patterns for Guernsey, Jerseys & Arans, bringing these patterns to pen and paper for use outside of knitting communities for the first time.Continue reading “The Curious Case of Documenting Gansey Patterns”

Gansey Patterns: Their Meanings, Significance and Relation to the Fishing Industry

For this week’s blog, Chelsea Marina West shares another extract from her thesis: The Needles have Dropped: An Investigation of Fishermen’s Ganseys and Intangible Cultural Heritage in the United Kingdom (2021). We return to look at the significance and symbolism of gansey patterns in fishing communities, this time with a focus on Northern Scotland. Within theContinue reading “Gansey Patterns: Their Meanings, Significance and Relation to the Fishing Industry”

Marriage Lines and Heapies: A Life in Ganseys

For this week’s blog, Gordon Reid shares his first experience of gansey knitting, and the inspiration behind sharing his passion for ganseys to the worldwide knitting community. I first discovered ganseys in the early 1980s. Back then I listened to a lot of music (and cricket on the radio) and Margaret, my wife-to-be, an experiencedContinue reading “Marriage Lines and Heapies: A Life in Ganseys”