The Curious Case of Documenting Gansey Patterns

For this week’s blog, we look at some historical challenges that might affect our ability to document gansey patterns and knitting traditions in the present day. Introduction In 1955, Gladys Thompson published Patterns for Guernsey, Jerseys & Arans, bringing these patterns to pen and paper for use outside of knitting communities for the first time.Continue reading “The Curious Case of Documenting Gansey Patterns”

The Origins of Seamless Knitted Garments

For this week’s Blog, we have another extract from Dr Annie Shaw’s thesis Crafting the Technological: Ganseys and Wholegarment© Knitting (2009). The origins of knitting remain uncertain, but importantly theories have been put forward that its origins can be traced back to fisherman’s net making. The link with fishing is significant to this research. ‘TheContinue reading “The Origins of Seamless Knitted Garments”