Herring Tales

Welcome to Herring Tales!

Join us for a series of magical gansey and fisherfolk stories, Kipper the Cat’s adventure comic, stargazey pie and a Kipper colouring activity.

Kipper the Cat’s Gansey Adventure

Join Kipper on his quest to find his favourite cat-sized gansey! Where did that seal
pop up from?

Comic illustrated by Rachel Cush. Kipper the Cat illustrated by Mairi Isla Laird. Comic written by Heather Palmer

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Magical Gansey and Fisherfolk Stories

‘Three Ply’ by Storyteller Jan Bee Brown is the first story created bespoke for Knitting the Herring, including a wedding gansey, red rams and a jealous sister!

Wrap up warm and tune in for this magical Herring Tale located on the Isle of Barra,
Outer Hebrides!

Enjoy this magical tale in Gaelic at An Sgeulachd Tri fhillte / Three-ply a story – YouTube, translated and recorded by Shona MacLellan, Museum nan Eilean.

‘Poor Man’s Wealth’ is a story inspired by the Scottish tradition of travellers’ tales, featuring a travelling tailor, three silver herring and three knitting witches!

Wrap up warm and tune in for this spooky tale set on the Moray Firth coast!

‘Heart in the Home’ is a story inspired by an old Largo folktale and the gansey collection at the Scottish Fisheries Museum.

Courie doon for this spooky ghost story set on the mysterious Largo Law!

Collaborative Artist Jan Bee Brown created these stories bespoke for Knitting the Herring. The tales were fashioned in the spirit of gansey knitting – unravelling and reknitting, combining stories like stitches to create something new to share. The soundtrack was composed by Sound Artist Max Lamprecht.

Stargazey Pie

Kipper’s pal, Flapjack just can’t get enough of stargazey pie!

Stargazey pie is a traditional fish pie originating from Cornwall. This is no ordinary pie, the fish are all pointing upwards facing the sky! Get your craft maker hat on and create your own pie with the drawings by Jan Bee Brown and some recycled materials, or create your own silver darlings!

Send a photo to us on Facebook or Twitter @scotfishmuseum, we would love to see your creative pies!

Kipper the Cat’s Colouring Sheet

Relax and enjoy colouring in Kipper’s hat and jumper.

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Kipper feels like the cat that got the cream with all these new ganseys designed by children from Anstruther, Kirkton of Largo and Thornton!

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