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“A link in the chain that binds fisherfolk together”

For this week’s blog, Chelsea Marina West shares an extract from her thesis on ganseys as intangible cultural heritage, showing how ganseys truly identified with the daily lives and customs of fishermen and fisher lasses. The Customs in Cullercoats Within the blog post published 20 November 2020, Dr Annie Shaw detailed the subversive event thatContinue reading ““A link in the chain that binds fisherfolk together””

“It was hard work, but we widnae ha’e missed it” Scottish Herring Lasses

For this week’s blog, we look at the role of the herring lasses during the 20th century. During the 20th century, the changing role of women led to the progression of their economic, social, cultural and legal rights – creating a remarkable turning point for women in society. Research of Herring Lasses This blog isContinue reading ““It was hard work, but we widnae ha’e missed it” Scottish Herring Lasses”

Marriage Lines and Heapies: A Life in Ganseys

For this week’s blog, Gordon Reid shares his first experience of gansey knitting, and the inspiration behind sharing his passion for ganseys to the worldwide knitting community. I first discovered ganseys in the early 1980s. Back then I listened to a lot of music (and cricket on the radio) and Margaret, my wife-to-be, an experiencedContinue reading “Marriage Lines and Heapies: A Life in Ganseys”

Drowning and Identity

For this week’s Blog, we have another extract from Dr Annie Shaw’s thesis Crafting the Technological: Ganseys and Wholegarment© Knitting (2009). The links between drowning/identity and ganseys are one aspect of folklore which most people have heard of and find fascinating, even romantic, for example Alex Buxton writes: ‘It was even possible for fishing families to recogniseContinue reading “Drowning and Identity”


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Through a series of workshops, exhibitions and events, Knitting the Herring seeks to capture, preserve and highlight the unique knitting heritage of coastal fishing communities of Scotland.

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