Fishermen’s Ganseys and Sustainability

For this week’s blog, Chelsea Marina West reflects on the gansey tradition through the lens of sustainability. Inspiration for this blog is drawn from Chelsea’s MSc these: The Needles have Dropped An Investigation of Fishermen’s Ganseys and Intangible Cultural Heritage in the United Kingdom (2021). As we enter the last remaining weeks of the KnittingContinue reading “Fishermen’s Ganseys and Sustainability”

Tools of the Trade: Wiskas

For this week’s blog, we look at a lesser-known knitting tool, the wiska, which was widely used by fisherfolk to aid knitting speed and stitch consistency by easing the weight of the knit. Introduction A previous blog post by Carolyn Cluness highlighted the demanding role of fisherlasses in the fishing industry. Knitting became an importantContinue reading “Tools of the Trade: Wiskas”

Marriage Lines and Heapies: A Life in Ganseys

For this week’s blog, Gordon Reid shares his first experience of gansey knitting, and the inspiration behind sharing his passion for ganseys to the worldwide knitting community. I first discovered ganseys in the early 1980s. Back then I listened to a lot of music (and cricket on the radio) and Margaret, my wife-to-be, an experiencedContinue reading “Marriage Lines and Heapies: A Life in Ganseys”