When we launched our “Knitting the Herring” project back in the autumn we invited our network of knitting and gansey enthusiasts as well as the wider public  to “pick up sticks” and collaborate with us on the creation of a knitted Shoal of herring which would expand into the space of our exhibition gallery but also be captured in photography and shared online with our scattered diaspora of friends and followers.  

3D model of cream hand-knitted gansey with various patterns including starfish, Indian corn, small starfish, horseshoe, marriage lines, diamond, tree of life, open tree, heart in home, harbour steps, open diamond, cable, fish net and wave. Diamonds and diagonals pattern on sleeves. Three buttons at collar. Rib welts on body, cuff and neck are worked in 2 purl 2 knit. Knitted by Christina Margaret McInnes of Eriskay in the 1980s.

As the country entered the dark and cold months of winter with weeks of uncertainty ahead of us, we were genuinely buoyed up to receive little parcels of wooly goodness from other parts of Scotland, the UK and Europe.  Our contributors were modest and sometimes shy about their work but we hope they can now see how all these small and seemingly isolated crafty endeavours have come together to create something beautiful which represents unity and symbolises the anticipation with which we look forward to being together again.  

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