Group Portrait of Seven Men, Yarmouth, 1909

Group portrait of seven men, Yarmouth, 1909

Group portrait of seven men, Yarmouth, 1909.

Back row, L-R: Tom Hodge, David Anderson, Leslie Brown, and David Boyter.
Front row: George Tarvit, James Thomson, and Robert Thomson.

Original image donated by Mrs L. Brown.

One thought on “Group Portrait of Seven Men, Yarmouth, 1909

  1. Interesting photo! Fourth one on the right is David Boyter, I’m also David Boyter named after my Grandad who was born around the turn of the 20th century. I was always told that his mum died when he was nine year old, and that aunt’s looked after him. We are all from a fishing background, and the men followed the herring fishing on the East coast, ultimately ending in Great Yarmouth. I was also told that my great, great grandad was also David Boyter. Certainly 1909 would be the right age for this guy to be my great, great grandad, and if it is, it’s very likely that this is the only known photo of him. We are a very large, and close extended family, and so I’ll be sharing this with cousins throughout the world.
    I’ve looked at the names in the rest of the photo, and they are common names in the Pittenweem / Anstruther area, which suggests to me that this is the crew of a Fife fishing boat.
    If anyone has any information regarding the events that led up to this photo being taken, I would be very grateful to hear from you.
    Best regards.
    Dave Boyter


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